Investing in ClimateTech

Join us in the fight against climate change and invest in the future with Awesome Ventures. Our focus on cleantech and climatetech startups brings innovative solutions to market, creating a sustainable future and strong financial returns for our LPs. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world.
Climate change

Selected Portfolio

Coreshell logo

Coreshell Technologies

Coreshell Technologies nanotechnology coating materials improve lithium-ion batteries' cost, capacity, and safety.

Waterplan logo


Waterplan's SaaS platform measure, respond, report, and monitor companies increasingly changing climate water risk.

Trustportal logo


TrustPortal's HyperAutomation platform orchestrates people, multi-vendors robots, and AI in real-time to work together.

Pattern Financial logo

Pattern Financial

Pattern is a wealth management platform for Millennials. It combines robo-advising with expert financial teams and access to alternative assets. 

Crowdz logo


Crowdz makes accounts receivables a thing of the past with a competitive invoice auction for selling your invoices with invoice financing.

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