About Awesome Ventures

Awesome Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in wonderful technology businesses from the Seed to Series A stage. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that for every shift in technology, new opportunities and markets are created.

Deep technologies startups focusing on the B2B space are highly disruptive, yet the path to entrepreneurial success is not linear. It often takes various turns, pivots, and overcoming key challenges to get on the right track and trajectory.

How We Work

We are builders at our core and have worked in startups and accelerator firms with global exits. We are committed to generating returns over increasing AUM, which keeps us focused on our founders and not on our fundraising.

Our Investment Strategy

  • Knowing Technology, Loving Technology

    Our founding partner has more than two decades of investing in technology businesses. We understand technology disruption and how it can help shape the world.
  • Disciplined Investment Criteria

    We focus on B2B technology startups that are riding on top of emerging macro environments. We are excited by founders who articulate clear problem statements and customer value-proposition, business models.
  • From zero to one

    Our team has the rare combination of understanding emerging technologies' nuances and disruptive nature. And as importantly, learned how to grow and build sustainable and scalable businesses for the global market.

Our Focus Areas

Awesome Ventures focus on B2B startups in five domain areas from the Seed to Series A stage. We do this by deploying capital and drawing upon our collective experience helping startup companies globally.
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